TIH API Updates - New Version v2

26 Oct 2022


TIH regularly enhances its APIs products to follow good API design practices and standards, with the aim to reduce complexity, improve the quality and consistency of the TIH APIs for developers.

A new version (v2) of all TIH APIs has been released with the enhancements described in the following table and will replace its older API versions. The older API versions v1/v1.1 will become non-functional and deprecated on April 30, 2023.

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Content and Media APIs - New Content Types: Wellness, 3D Models

13 Jul 2022

We are introducing new content to allow your applications to contribute and retrieve:

  • Wellness content and
  • 3D models


1. APIs with Wellness POIs

You can contribute and retrieve content related to wellness in all content categories.

You can query the Group parameter by using the Group value (Wellness) in:

Visit Singapore Account APIs - New login method for mobile number users

26 Jan 2022

Visit Singapore Account APIs (v2.0) have been introduced to enable a more seamless experience. Users can now sign up or login to your applications and websites using their mobile number, where previously only email and social accounts were allowed. Read our VS Account Technical Integration Guide to learn more about how to integrate your applications or websites with the Visit Singapore Account service.

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Content Provider and Enhanced Navigation Services APIs-Versioned Changes

5 Feb 2021

Content Provider APIs

An updated version (v1.1) for Content Provider has been introduced to streamline the content contribution process for developers. The updated version to create and update content will no longer have the following fields:

  1. SingaporeTourismAwards
  2. Contact > otherContactNo
  3. OpeningHours
  4. Pricing > seniorCitizen
  5. Pricing > child
  6. Pricing > adult
  7. FrequencyofTours
  8. TourOperatingHours
  9. majorStops

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Deals APIs

6 Jan 2021

We have introduced a suite of Deals APIs. The APIs can return a wide list of valid promotions linked to the Product & Experience listings, allowing you to provide value-added services to your customers. Deals APIs can also be used to create Deals on TIH and to add deals content in additional languages (ZH, JP, KR).