Visit Singapore Account API

10 Oct 2019

To encourage a seamless log in experience, the Visit Singapore Account API can be used for your customers to log in to your app or website. You can also build insights on your customers' profiles using the Visit Singapore Account API.

Media APIs - Two new thumbnail sizes to suit your applications

1 Oct 2019

Using the downloadMedia API, you can now download two new high-resolution thumbnails that are either 1080 or 2160 pixels in height (fileType input parameter = 1080h or 2160h). These thumbnails have been automatically compressed from their original images, to ensure that in-app loading time is optimised, while maintaining aspect ratio. Further details can be found in our media technical documentation here.

Recommendation Engine API

17 Apr 2019

We have introduced a Recommendation Engine API, which can be used to personalise your visitors’ experiences through activity and/or product suggestions based on data-driven insights. Recommendations can be varied through various input criteria such as nationality, location, or content categories.

Content APIs - Precincts Category

17 Apr 2019

Enable your guests to explore and experience Singapore’s various neighbourhoods by using our Precincts APIs, which can be used to retrieve information on various points of interest nested within the Precinct boundary. Precinct APIs can also be used to create and update information about the Precincts contributed to TIH.

Content APIs - Enhancements to content field: Opening Hours (part 2)

17 Apr 2019

Similar to previous enhancements made to Attractions, improvements have been made to TIH’s Opening Hours by replacing the existing free text format with a structured data format, allowing your applications to filter content based on opening hours. Categories impacted include Accommodations, Bars & Clubs, Food & Beverages, Malls & Shops, and Tours. Both existing and new data formats will be available via User APIs for three months; after which, they will be deprecated. For those using our Contributor APIs, you... Read more