TIH offers API products in Content, Media and Travel Software Services for businesses to use in their digital channels. With these APIs, your application can retrieve rich content and images of points-of-interest in Singapore across the 12 content categories (accommodation, attractions, bars and clubs, cruises, deals, events, food and beverages, precincts, malls and shops, tours, venues, and walking trails), as well as use the plug-and-play travel software services. Visit the respective API pages below to learn more about each API.


New TIH APIs Version v2






Travel Software Services




Visit this page to learn more about the enhancements introduced in the new TIH APIs version v2.


For information on the older API versions v1/v1.1, you may refer to this page for the respective API documentation. Please note that the older API versions v1/v1.1 will become non-functional and deprecated on April 30, 2023.