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Get Country List


Get Country List

Allow authorised client applications to get list of countries.

Resource URL

https://api.visitsingapore.com /services/vsa/v2/countries

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Format of the response body returned. Returns only application/json.

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HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0


Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Response Error Details

HTTP Code Description
400 Request was not accepted and could be due to malformed parameter (e.g. spelling error) or missing a required parameter.
401 API key is invalid or was not provided.
403 API key does not have the permission to perform the request.
404 Requested resource (i.e. the resource URL) does not exist.
405 The HTTP request method is not supported by the resource.
406 Requester's acceptable content type for the response does not match the content type returned by the resource.
414 Request URL exceeded the maximum acceptable URL length.
422 Unprocessable Entity. Subcode examples: validationErrorInOffset, validationErrorInLimit
500 Something is not working on TIH's end, happened very rarely.

Resource Summary

Security Category

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