Get Recommendations


Get Recommendations

Allow authorised client applications to retrieve recommended content.

Resource URL /content

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Format of the request body sent. Accepts only application/json.


Language of Places of Interest retrieved for recommended itinerary.

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

Return recommendations based on nationality. Accept only one nationality value.
When unspecified, default is set to “Others”.


Return recommendations based on interests. Accept one or more comma-delimited string of interests. When unspecified, recommendations in the response will not be limited to any interests (e.g. “food, shopping”).

Available values : arts_culture, entertainment_nightlife, food, history_heritage, shopping, sport_outdoors


Return recommendations based on travel preference. Accept only one preference id.
• If the visitor is travelling alone, specify 1.
• If the visitor is travelling with friends, specify 2.
• If the visitor is travelling with family (with kids), input 3.
• If the visitor is travelling with the partner, input 4.
• If the visitor is travelling with the business associations/colleagues, input 5.


Dataset which the search will be executed on. Accept one or more comma-delimited string of dataset. (e.g. “accommodation, attractions”).

Available values : accommodation, attractions, bars_clubs, events, food_beverages, shops, venues, tours, walking_trails


Return recommendations that have a Google rating equal or higher than the specified rating. Default is set at 0, which returns recommendations without considering the rating.


Retrieve recommendations based on the location. This works with the radius parameter to retrieve recommendations within the specified radius from the location. Places of Interest that do not specify their latitude and longitude will not be returned in the response.
Format: latitude,longitude (e.g. 1.2835627,103.8584985)


Radius in meters to search on.
Response would preferably return Places of Interest within the search radius.
When unspecified, default is 5000 meters.
This works with the location parameter. If the location parameter is blank, the radius parameter would not be considered in the recommendation.


Return Places of Interest that are open for business at the time the query is sent. Default returns both open and closed Places of Interest.
The value for the openNow parameter will be determined by Singapore’s time zone (UTC+08:00).

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HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.


Response Error Details

HTTP Code Description
400 Bad Request — Request was not accepted and could be due to malformed parameter (e.g. spelling error) or missing a required parameter.
401 Unauthorised — API key is invalid or was not provided.
403 Forbidden — API key does not have the permission to perform the request.
404 Resource Not Found — Requested resource (i.e. the resource URL) does not exist.
405 Method Not Allowed — The HTTP request method is not supported by the resource.
406 Not Acceptable — Requester's acceptable content type for the response does not match the content type returned by the resource.
414 Request URL Too Long — Request URL exceeded the maximum acceptable URL length.
415 Unsupported Media Type — Request's format is not supported by the resource.
422 Unprocessable Entity — Request was not accepted, often due to semantic errors, such as data format.
500 Server Errors — Something is not working on TIH's end, happened very rarely.

Resource Summary

Security Category

Recommendation Engine API