Experiential Route By Mode


Experiential Route By Mode

Returns list of Experiential Route results. The query parameters include: origin, destination and waypoint. The mode of transport consists of bicycling, driving, transit and walking.

Resource URL

https://api.stb.gov.sg/services/navigation/v2 /experiential-route/{transport-mode}

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Format of the request body sent. Accepts only application/json.

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

Origin location.
Field format: [latitude,longitude].
E.g. 1.2835627,103.8584985


Destination location.
Field format: [latitude,longitude].
E.g. 1.296659,103.848686


Category of POI
Possible value(s): [accommodation, attractions, bars_clubs, cruises, events, food_beverages, mice_events, precincts, shops, tours, venues, walking_trails].
Provide one value or a comma-delimited string of values.
Validation: acceptable category


Maximum number of records that should be returned, range from 1 to 8.
E.g. 5


Waypoints which user will divert to, along the journey between the origin and the destination. Multiple waypoints allowed.
Field format: [latitude,longitude;latitude,longitude].
E.g. 1.296369,103.854526; 1.283551,103.844309

Try it out

transport-mode Mode of transport: [default | bicycling | driving | transit | walking]. Default mode is driving. Transit is Public Transport. null true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Response Error Details

HTTP Code Description
400 Bad Request — Request was not accepted and could be due to malformed parameter (e.g. spelling error) or missing a required parameter.
401 Unauthorised — API key is invalid or was not provided.
403 Forbidden — API key does not have the permission to perform the request.
404 Resource Not Found — Requested resource (i.e. the resource URL) does not exist.
405 Method Not Allowed — The HTTP request method is not supported by the resource.
406 Not Acceptable — Requester's acceptable content type for the response does not match the content type returned by the resource.
414 Request URL Too Long — Request URL exceeded the maximum acceptable URL length.
415 Unsupported Media Type — Request's format is not supported by the resource.
422 Unprocessable Entity — Request was not accepted, often due to semantic errors, such as data format.
500 Server Errors — Something is not working on TIH's end, happened very rarely.

Resource Summary

Security Category

Experiential Route